Think About a Tent for Your Next Outdoor Event

Want your next outdoor event to be a bit different and, at the same time, practical? Consider having a tent. A tent can provide a great focal point for any party, celebration or corporate event. On warm summer days it can provide shade and dramatically reduce the temperature. If you are concerned about the weather spoiling your event it can offer you some peace of mind. But, mostly, it can turn a backyard into a completely different place. It can help you create an atmosphere for you party that everyone will remember!

There are all kinds of options to consider when renting a tent. And, they can span a range of budgets. 10 foot by 10 foot tents are a very affordable option. You can set them up yourself in a matter of minutes. They can be set up side-by-side or arranged in pods. They are prefect for a tailgate or picnic. They are also a great option for craft fairs or fund raisers.


For a bigger event, consider a frame tent. A 20 foot by 20 foot frame tent can fit in many backyards. It provides space similar in size to a double car garage. Depending on how you arrange your tables, 30 to 45 people can easily be seated. Optional side walls can provide protection from in climate weather and wind. Need more space? One option is to go with two 20 foot by 20 foot frame tents and set them side-by-side. No need to worry about setting these tents up. We deliver, set up and take them down for you.

20x20x8 Tent


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